General Director of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

Kesimbayev Arman Aldabergenovich

He was born on August 5, 1975 in the city of Talgar, Almaty region region. Kazakh. Higher education.


1. Kazakh State Agrarian University (1992-1997);

2. Courses of pilot-observers of the Institute for Advanced Studies managers and specialists of forestry in Pushkino,  Moscow region. (1997);

3. Kazakh-Turkish International University, name Yassaui (1998-2000).

Work experience:

2007-2012 years - Aircraft commander of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

2012-2013 years - pilot-in-chief of the central apparatus of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

2013-2017 years - Head of the Flight Production Service of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

2017-2018 years - Deputy Director General of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

1997-1998 years - The commander of the paratrooper-fireman of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

1998-2001 years - The pilot-observer of the central apparatus of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

2001-2007 years - Head of FSC of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana";

From October 2018 to the present - Director General of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana".

Deputy general director of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

Aliev Talgat Talantbekovich

Born on January 11, 1984 in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Higher education.

1. Kazakh National Agrarian University (2001-2006)
2. Courses for pilot-observers of the institute for advanced training of managers and forestry specialists in Pushkino, Moscow region (2006-2007)
Labor activity:

2006 - Instructor of the APG of the Almaty aviation department of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

2007-2016 - Pilot-observer of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

2016 -2019 – Acting responsible for the leadership of the Almaty aviation branch of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

2019-2022 - Head of the Zhambyl aviation department of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

Since April 20, 2022 - Deputy General Director of the RGKP "Kazavialesoohrana"

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