Problem question

1. The number one problematic issue in the company is the low level of wages – accordingly, there is no possibility of attracting qualified specialists (accountant, economist, lawyer, specialists of personnel and public procurement, etc.), a large turnover of personnel. Narrow-profile specialists pilots-observers, instructors and paratroopers-firefighters are dismissed,find a similar job outside the Republic of Kazakhstan (in the period from 2017 to 2019, 8 observers and 15 paratroopers-firemen left).
Ways of solution: change of ownership of the enterprise (JSC, LLP).

2. Currently, the aviation centers certified by the civil aviation Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan do not provide training for observer pilots. Pilots-observers are trained in the Russian Federation in the FBU "Avialesoohrana".

Ways of solution: it is Necessary to legalize the specialty of the pilot-observer, the introduction of this specialty in paragraph 3 "Profession of flight aviation personnel" Order of the Ministry of investment and development of Kazakhstan dated March 20, 2015 № 301 "on approval of the list of positions and professions of aviation personnel of civil and experimental aviation subject to certification".

3. State enterprise "Casabiancalana" (Central office), national dispatch service (RDS) does not have its own building, leases space in the building of the Ile-Alatau SNNP.

Until now, the issue of allocation of land and premises for the base of air groups (Kostanay, Ust-Kamenogorsk) has not been resolved.

4. The lack of regulations in the implementation of the forest aviation operations.

It is necessary to involve design institutes, relevant sectoral ministries to develop:

- guidelines for the implementation of forestry works

- amendments to the "Rules of aviation works on the protection and protection of the forest Fund" № 18-02 / 64 from 30.01.2015, at the moment.

5. Public procurement

Major government electronic procurement state enterprise "Casabiancalana" is the purchase of services lease of aircraft, fuel, oil and lubricants (for special vehicles), provision of protective clothing and firefighting equipment.

* Presentation of qualification requirements to potential suppliers, which guarantee the security and proper execution of contracts for the supply of goods, services is not allowed according to the PP.4) paragraph 1 of article 9 of the Law "on state procurement ""the following qualification requirements are presented to the potential supplier: 4) to have the appropriate material and labor resources sufficient to fulfill the obligations under the agreement on state procurement of goods, works, services", as well as paragraph 2 of this article States that " it Is not allowed to establish qualification requirements, specified in subparagraph 4) of paragraph 1 of this article, which: 1) restrict and unreasonably complicate the participation of potential suppliers in public procurement; 2) do not directly result from the need to fulfill obligations under the agreement on public procurement of goods, works and services."

* participation in electronic procurement of private companies that have no idea about the specifics and quality of the purchased goods, means and fire-fighting equipment (which are subject to increased requirements for quality and compliance with production tasks to extinguish forest fires) and chemicals (retardants, foaming agents)that have a unique specificity (which are produced in Russia and abroad).

It is necessary:
to provide at the legislative level the right of RSEP direct conclusion of contracts on state procurement in the way of "1-source".

6. Aviation forest protection is 8 869 thousand hectares (29% of the total GLF area, which is 30.56 million hectares).

* The question of increasing the protected area of the global front for the implementation of aviation forest protection is relevant.

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